Art for a Cause.

We are all watching the news and seeing Fort McMurry on fire.  80,000 people to date affected. The studio could donate quilts but we have decided that what really is needed are funds. During such a loss families just don’t have the space to store donated items. And really at the end of the day families want food in their tummies and a safe place to stay. The Red Cross could use the donations .

Art for a cause IMG_3046

Make something to donate for an online auction taking place June 1st.

Drop said item off before May 25th  here at the studio .

The said item will then be added to the site .

May 26th till June 1st the auction will be up and running.

Place your bid , Auction closes June 1st at 11:00 pm .

On June 2nd we will package items up for pick-up or mailing out.

All funds will be donated to the Red Cross.

If you can donate an art piece or craft item wonderful. If your not a crafter then bid.

Lets so what we can raise for the Red Cross.