Art for a Cause…. Charity begins at home.

Morning, as I haul myself out of bed this morning looked outside to see my yard was white my first reaction was shit my plants where not covered. Living in Calgary the first rule of gardening is don’t plant anything until after the May long weekend. On closer inspection (put my glasses on) it wasn’t snow but the apple tree flowers dropping it’s peddles. Breathing a sigh of relief wander into the kitchen to grab a coffee then head outside to sit on the deck and watch the sun rise. Each day it’s important to take time to reflect, refocus & regroup for the up coming day. It’s also a great time to appreciate all the good in ones life. Sitting outside this morning watching the changing colors of the sunrise the oranges and yellows reminded me of the pictures of Fort McMurry fires flooding our news networks. It was cool outside , wind blowing and I was praying that they where not getting this wind. Better still rain would be a real nice thing at this point in time.

Our province right now is facing hard times with employment. Calgary is an oil and gas town and when things are bad in that industry we have the trickle down effect. Companies are letting go , people are cutting back and the dollars are not flowing. When you have a emergency such as this fire in Fort McMurry displacing an entire city you hope and pray we as a community can step up. I know my quilting community is doing that by making quilts. Donating their services and time.

While watching that incredible sunrise & reflecting I thought what could our studio do ? Yeah we could make quilts and donate them but what is really needed at this time ? Red Cross says make a donation and those funds would be used where it’s needed right now. So thinking cap on , another cup of coffee. What could we do ???

And it hit me !    ART –  for a cause 

What if all my quilting friends made a small art piece nothing large say a wall hanging or table mat size piece . If your not a quilter  make something.  My Husband said he could donate a photo or two.  Get your artwork  to the studio say by May 25th and we have an on line auction June 1st.   Sell the pieces then donate the funds to the Red Cross.

A little piece of art from many people can turn into something larger.


Some times small things can change the world.

So let me know what you think. I think its a wonderful plan and if there is enough interest we will get to work getting this plan into motion.  Today I think I shall do something special  to get this event started.



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