One on One instruction

So todaElephanty spent the morning with a client that came to sign up for our Elephant Abstraction workshop. Workshop is Friday Feb. 4, Saturday 5, and Sunday the 6th. Cost $75 dollars plus supplies. You can see this pattern on our facebook page . Its going to be a great weekend , meals included two spaces still available.  Now my client can’t do a three day workshop due to personal reasons and it made me think. Not all of us can take scheduled classes due to our own personal schedules. Maybe we needed to consider opening the studio up to those that needed help and an on hand instructor. So as of today we will be opening up the studio for those that need help would like to learn something or just want to use our sewing machines. On site we have three sewing stations , give us a call to let us know what you need help with and spend the day working on your own project. Cost $25 dollars a day.

Snow ah, ah , ah…

Wow Christmas is just around the corner I know this cause I just came up for air to let the dogs out and ah we have like snow covering everything ! Now honestly I should have known this was going to happen as today winter tires where put on my truck. So yes Calgary blame the snow on me. So I should be freaking out that the holidays are just around the corner but yeah not even a little phased . This week and next week finishing off major quilts that are totally custom. I have been sick for the last month so it’s nice to be feeling like my usual self. I am not totally back to normal but at least I can work for more than ten minutes at a time. Some exciting things did happen this week had a TV crew in the studio filming … Guess someone thinks I have an unusual job. The crew was out of Toronto and it was interesting to say the least. Will keep you posted when and if it’s going to be aired. It’s a pilot show and they are not sure if it will be picked up but they have traveled all over Canada filming different people so who knows. Heck it still was an interesting day .  I don’t think I do anything unusual other than doing something one loves. The secret to a happy life is do something you love, surround yourself with positive happy people, love yourself . Three simple things . Will keep you posted.

Now with Christmas just around the corner have you booked your quilt in for quilting? All Longarm Studio’s  have deadlines as we to want to be able to spend time with our families. Loopy D’s Deadline for the Christmas Rush is December 5th. Schedule it in so we can add it to the calendar .

We are also offering a new service just in time for Christmas. Book a Christmas party, Birthday party or a girls night out at loopy D’s your guests will make and take home an art piece. You get to try something new and different. kit’s are made for each person and we custom the party for you. Each party will be geared around what you would like to try. And nothing needs to be purchased you just show up and everything is provided. It’s kind of nice not to be expected to purchase anything . It’s a party and if you fall in love with quilting I will be sure to send you to my favorite quilting shop as I totally believe in supporting local businesses.


Class sample

Class sample- make and take.

So that’s what we have been up to. Guess busy as usual. Stop on by drop off a quilt I would love to work with you to finish your quilt.


Wow time seems to fly

IMG_7689May is here and let me tell you the studio has been hopping busy. Didn’t help that I took a week off to take my father to Mexico at the end of April. Time off means playing catch up. When I got home this wonderful quilt had been dropped off . One of the Catholic schools made it for a celebration that happened today. So I was at the machine all day Thursday working on it so they could pick it up and get the binding and sleeve done. Then on Friday headed to Pincher Creek for an annual quilt retreat with my sewing family. It was hard getting away as really there is so much to do here right now. But my husband said I needed to spend time with the ladies and it was wonderful. Three UFO’s where loaded into the truck along with all my  supplies. Two days of piecing and a project that was started over seven years ago was finally completed. Okay I still have the borders to deal with but the body of the quilt is finally done. One only knows how long it will take me to quilt it but that’s a whole different story.  Then I asked all the ladies to make me blocks with my scraps  reflecting what they where working on all weekend. It turned out amazing ! I have no idea what will become of it but it makes my heart smile because it was made by all the amazing ladies that I have had the honor to consider my quilting sisters.

Sunday drove home and since then have been logging in 16 hour days. Monday had a student for the day then when she left quilt was loaded and worked until 1:00 am in the morning and finished it this morning before a rental client came for the day. She Left and now have loaded another quilt and will finish it before heading to bed. Thinking it’s going to be another long night. Tomorrow another student will spend the day playing and then the rest of the week will just chain myself to the machine.  Trying to get at least one quilt done a day for the next couple of  days as my husband is treating me to a couple of days in the mountains. Looking forward to hiking , taking a ton of pictures and just connecting with my husband. He was gone for a week then I was in Mexico then he headed out while I was in Pincher Creek  so 21 days apart is just to long for us. My husband is a very smart man he knows that if we just stayed home I would be working and locked in the studio. So he has booked us into a nice hotel , and we will enjoy a few days just the two of us. He said I am going to need a few simple days because the next month I will be in sonic mode .

Heritage Parks annual Festival of Quilts is at the end of the month and am gearing up for that. You can come see us at booth #208 . Looking forward to this weekend but it is a lot of work getting prepared and ready for it. Saying that it’s getting simpler each year as I am simplifying things more and know what works and doesn’t work. This year made t-shirts for those that will be helping me out.

The following week getting ready for the three day workshop that we are hosting . Okay I am all ready for that right now just have to finish making up the work books for the students. Before you ask the workshop is totally booked and no spaces to be had.

Like I said May is flying by and that’s the way we like it.