Christmas is just around the Corner…

Well this summer just flew by ! I can’t believe that fall is here and Halloween is just a couple of weeks away. We spent most of September in Italy which really made

Ikea storage ... got to love it.

Ikea storage … got to love it.

the summer last a little bit longer for us. Now am back in the studio… Saying that must admit when we arrived home I came down with a nasty cough which then turned into pneumonia. So for almost a month have been really sick & no voice. If you where trying to call me sorry I just couldn’t talk ! Now am feeling better although the voice still sounds like I should be a phone sex operator ! Being sick with no energy doesn’t make for a happy Deb.

This week finally got into the studio and worked although not for any period of time. I did do some of my own quilts as I needed to recharge and try to focus. I also did try and organize the studio a little bit more. Made a trip to Ikea for a couple of storage and organizational items. Reworked the studio and purged thanks to my friend Sharon whom is a personal organizer . She came in and helped me stay on track,  she will be running a fall special for quilters. If your quilting space needs to be reworked she’s the one I would call & I am more than happy to pass her number along.  On Monday the carpet company is coming in to clean the carpets so then my studio should be back to normal.

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s nice to have the house & studio clean and tidy. Plus I personally can’t work in a mess and when the studio looks like a fabric factory exploded not much creativity happens.

Yes we are getting ready for the holidays ! Today ordered some new rulers from . Dusty Farrell has some wonderful interesting rulers and I can hardly wait for them to arrive. Also placed a thread order so yes we have almost every color one can imagine in thread. And last but least we have batting , batting and more batting . If you are planning on doing any amount of quilting stop on by the studio and purchase a roll for an amazing price. We have Ten rolls that need a home ! Okay yes I over ordered to get an amazing price and thought we would pass those savings along .

Today I was online shopping ( personal & business)  and this made me stop and think… how many of us over spend during the holidays ? I know personally our family doesn’t . We try and keep things simple and plan for the holidays. We have themes each year to keep things simple. Last year it was games. We bought board games and puzzles. Christmas day we spent it with friends and family playing tic tac toe and operation and that night put a puzzle together. A few years ago we did a recycled Christmas. Okay I’ll explain that one… for example that year I gave my sister in law all the books I read that year. Yes I did buy them new but then recycled them and she received the books along with a coffee cup that someone gave me that I never used and I added a box of hot chocolate & placed them into a basket. That year thought went into a lot of our gifts. Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you put thought into or the ones you made. This year our theme is handmade. So yeah I could make everyone a quilt but that’s not going to happen. Evil giggle.

Many years ago my husband and I decided to keep things simple stop over doing, over buying and over spending. Their are things I do spend money on such as a fruit center piece from Edible edibles . Well worth it as I don’t have to buy a ton of fruit then cut it up, saves me time. I don’t have to purchase a flower arrangement as the fruit is the center piece . We save time and money which is a win, win in my books. Also why do we think we have to bake and cook for days. Bake the items your family loves and then freeze it. This can be done in November , I have a baking day where my girlfriends come over and we bake all day. We enjoy each others company and later in the night the wine is opened. We spend time together and that in it’s self is a gift.

The holidays don’t need to be stressful or expensive if you take some time to plan things out. Now saying that if you have a quilt that needs quilting for a gift this is the time that you need to get it to your longarmer ! Just saying I have to be organized because there is always someone that brings me a quilt a week before the holidays and must have it done. Avoid the rush get your quilts in or schedule it on the calendar. We now have a new computer system that is going to keep me on schedule . Also if you want to quilt it yourself book a class then rent our machines .

Avoid the Christmas rush , avoid the Christmas stress and have a plan. My plan for today is finish this blog and work on some outstanding projects.




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