Gifts – a life lesson.

So as a Longarmer my quilts tend not to be completed.

Clients quilts come first guess the sayings true a cobblers kids don’t have shoes or a mechanic has the worse running car. Anyways last weekend I was hosting a wedding shower and thought oh I have time to make a quilt for the bride and groom. Yeah that didn’t happen ! I did get it pieced but not quilted, a quilt takes time and that’s just the facts. So what’s a girl to do ? Well I hate to admit it but I have a number of quilts in different stages of the process. This little gem was pieced around 2008 , sat for many years as just a top. Taken out again ( 2012 ) to add fish , sat for another  year before quilting it . And then it sat with just the binding to be done. So morning of the shower I was sewing like a crazy person to finish the quilt.

Now looking at this little quilt I have mixed feelings about it. Is it my best work ? Today no … Over the years my skills have improved but every time I picked it up to work on it I was doing my best work at that time. Those are just the facts !  Improving ones skills takes time and practice. There is planning, color theory , following a set of instructions , then doing. And most importantly finishing. I personally have a hard time giving away certain quilts because in my head I think oh I do so much nicer work now . At last count I have 17 quilt tops waiting for me to finish & 30 plus finished quilts in the studio.  Thinking it’s time to let go of more quilts The young bride loved the quilt and I know I will finish the one I was working on and eventually give it to them (might take me 5 yrs. evil laugh to finish) .

So life lesson … Remember it’s your best work at this stage of your journey , be proud of your work and remember no one but you can see the little flaws !

Thinking I will now let go of some quilts and maybe try scheduling in a couple of my quilt tops at least once a month.





Added little feather fish through out the quilt.


Added little fish using my embroidery machine .

IMG_9563 IMG_9565 IMG_9570 IMG_9571 IMG_9573 IMG_9575 IMG_9577

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