One on One instruction

So todaElephanty spent the morning with a client that came to sign up for our Elephant Abstraction workshop. Workshop is Friday Feb. 4, Saturday 5, and Sunday the 6th. Cost $75 dollars plus supplies. You can see this pattern on our facebook page . Its going to be a great weekend , meals included two spaces still available.  Now my client can’t do a three day workshop due to personal reasons and it made me think. Not all of us can take scheduled classes due to our own personal schedules. Maybe we needed to consider opening the studio up to those that needed help and an on hand instructor. So as of today we will be opening up the studio for those that need help would like to learn something or just want to use our sewing machines. On site we have three sewing stations , give us a call to let us know what you need help with and spend the day working on your own project. Cost $25 dollars a day.

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