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It’s been awhile since I last posted but their is a reason. On May 5th I had a plumber come in and install a new kitchen tap. That weekend I took a workshop with Luke Hanes (amazing workshop) although was home every night was to tired to head down into the studio . Monday morning into the studio I went to work to discover that the plumber didn’t do his job right and my studio was flooded ! Okay carpets where wet one wall wet and ceiling tiles destroyed. Spent the day sucking water up with the shop vac, called plumber basically dealt with the mess. Thought nothing more about it until the following week when my kitchen tiles where popping and cracking. Insurance company called and yes a lot more damage was done than what we first thought. Just saying we where not planning on a total house renovation ! They took out all the floors , including the sub floor in our kitchen and dinning room area as we had asbestives in the flooring. The base cabinets where destroyed which means new cabinets. Getting the picture. Been dealing with insurance company, disaster clean up, contractors and the list goes on. After seven weeks of living with this mess things are finally happening. The drywall is finally replace in the studio. They fixed and painted the one wall , which now means I get to go buy paint and do the other walls. The electrician comes in on Monday to replace our electrical panel and redo kitchen wiring (on my dime) cause well the building codes have changed and we now have to get the house up to code. The kitchen and dinning room are getting a total makeover . Yeah it’s time but was not in this years budget plan. The insurance company is only covering the flooring and the four base cabinets and that counter top area. The rest of the kitchen we could leave but really four new cabinets and then our old ones makes no sense . So we are having the entire kitchen made over and applying the funds from the insurance. To say the least it’s been crazy around here. As for the studio everything was boxed up so nothing came to harm. Yesterday they finally informed us that yes they would be taking out the carpets and replacing them. Okay no I am not putting carpets back in we picked a wonderful laminate flooring that we will pay the cost difference. Needless to say my pocket book is taking a major hit with all these unplanned renovations. We already did our big project this year installing new windows so not much is left in the piggy bank.

Saying this on July 15th until the end of the month we will be having a sale. Stay tuned on that. I am thinking have two quilts quilted third one free. 164970_612876008723932_755535659_n

As always look for the positive. On the plus side we are getting a new kitchen ! When we bought this house I was twenty truly I am not the same person I was then. And now I know what and how to design my new kitchen to totally work for our family. On the plus side when one uses the microwave and the kettle at the same time the breaker will not kick out. Evil giggle. On the plus side my studio is going to be switched around , reworked and function better.

I have also been purging the entire home and things are being donated, sold and given away. Also because I can’t work in the house or the studio my gardens have gotten my total attention. Evil laugh. Always look for the positive.

Next time I will post pictures of the before and after. Hope you drop of quilts in July just saying will be back up and running at full steam.

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