We recognize that there are quilters who want to complete their own quilting using a longarm quilting machine but don’t have the space or funds to own a machine of Logetheir own. Some other quilters would like to try before they buy a longarm. It is a great way to discover if this is a part of quilting that you would enjoy. Our Longarm Machine Rental Program allows you to rent time on our APQS machines in our Studio.


Long Arm Machine Rental

Rental Fees: $25/hr – two hr minimum  or $150/day

Included in the rental fee :

Our machine will be cleaned, oiled and ready for you to start.

Thread : We carry high quality threads and a  huge inventory of colors and all are free with your rental excluding silk.

Needles: 2 machine needles are included additional needles can be purchased if necessary. Rule of thumb is a  new needle per project.

Tools: Anything in the studio is at your finger tips including panto’s , rulers, markers etc.


Studio Hours of Operation :

Mon-Sunday 9:00 am till 9:00pm.


Please call ahead to make your reservations . If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment we ask for 24 hour notice.

We realize that it will take a few sessions to become completely familiar with the system, and someone is always present in the studio during your sessions. So relax and quilt – we’re here to assist you along the way till you gain more experience.