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Today I was asked why do I create ? Simple answer is it recharges my spirit and soul. Will my works ever been in a museum or art gallery chances are not . But who is to say. There are some amazing quilts in museums that the makers had no idea that their little piece of art would be so highly valued. My favorite such quilt was made be Harriet Powers. The Bible quilt made 1885-1886 all cotton , pieced and appliqued . The Quilt now lives in the Smithsonian Institution, National Museum  of American History. This proud African American woman loved the quilt so much she said it was not for sale for any price. Four years later when things where hard for her family she sold this quilt to Jennie Smith for a whole $5.oo dollars. Harriet  gave her a full description of each scene with great earnestness, and deep piety she departed. Harriet did come to visit Jennie Smith several times to see her quilt and Jennie Smith did provide Harriet with scraps of fabric from her own stash. Note I don’t think they had a stash back then, evil giggle.   Okay my past life is sneaking into this, yes I have worked in a museum as an archivist .  I hate to admit it but I have a rather large collection of books on vintage quilts , fabric, and fiber history. Any ways getting back on track we create because it’s part of our DNA . We want nice things for our home, a special gift for a loved one so we create with fiber. It’s an art form and it’s our voice. You look back in history and young women made samplers to put into their hope chests for their future home. As women this is a part of us. Saying this I am the first quilter in my family, to funny I know.

So I take pride in what I do and try my hardest to do the best job I can on every quilt that I get to be part of its story. Yes quilts have a story and sometimes that’s the best part of my day when a client is dropping off and I ask them about the quilt. Personally I have been working on a quilt that I have taking all over the world when I go to quilt it that will also be part of it’s story. And it will have designs representing all the cities, towns, and countries it’s been to.

Anyways that’s why I create .

Name Your Price Sale

Now if you have read my blog before you know our studio had a little disaster and I said once we where up and running we would be having a sale. So we are having a name your price sale. If you only want to spend $50 dollars on a quilt we will do two hours of quilting on that quilt, so you know it’s going to be a simple all over nothing custom. This is a great sale for baby quilts , Christmas throws etc. as you don’t need over the top quilting. Name your price sale Starts October 1st and runs until the end of the month.

Also things to note…

The studio will be closed October 17th until October 24th

Christmas deadline this year is December 5th. If you are needing your quilt done for a gift that’s as late as you can leave it.


Whole Cloth Quilt - twin

Whole Cloth Quilt – Custom


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