About Deb


Deborah Domin – Owner and Operator at Loopy D’s and Longarm Artist

A Bit About Me…

I have  been quilting for 13 years, and in this time I’ve won at the Calgary Stampede in 2008, first place at Creative Stitches 2008 and 2009 for the  Purple Monstrosity and Mermaids Song. In 2010, the quilt The  Mermaids Song made it into Quilts Canada’s Juror Show.  In 2010, I won again at Creative Stitches for Nana’s Parlor. In 2012, two of my mini quilts were in the International Quilt show in Ireland. 2015 two of my quilts made it into Quilts Canada’s Juror Show.

Since then, I have gone onto making more quilts that will make you smile. My  love of color is not for the faint of Heart but shows in all my work. I  also have been traveling and teaching on a regular basis between quilting for others.

 Longarming Background

  October 2010, I attended a  workshop with Matt Sparrow at Sparrow Studioz where I  was inspired to Longarm full time.

 March 2011, I studied with Sue Patten  – Tickle My Quilt with Feathers, Feather Alternatives, Spines with Designs Block class, Every Little Bit Counts, and  Sashings & Borders.

 June 2011, I took  courses from Deloa Jones from Michagan in a three-day workshop, where I learned how to work with feathers, borders , fillers, stencils, and so much more.  

 July 2011, I graduated from Longarm University, Seattle, WA.

Dec 2011 studied with  Karen McTavish .

 2012   took a five-day workshop with Claudia Pfeil.

That same year, I had two mini quilts at the Internation Quilt Festival in Ireland and I quilted the Centennial Quilt for the Calgary Stampede.  

2013 Classes with  Dawn Cavanaugh and heading to MQX in Portland to take more classes.

Rounding the year off in Houston at the International Quilt festival

2020 – Been teaching all over the world for the last five years.

2014 studied with Jamie Wallen , Sue Heinz and Dusty Farrell

2015 continuing taking classes and travelling teaching

In the last four years have taken courses & workshops with the top teachers in the field of Longarming.

The studio has also been bringing in teachers to inspire others.

“My love of color is not for the faint of Heart but shows in all my work. Education has always been important to me and these instructors have been leading the way for other Longarm artists so when it’s possible I will always take courses. Let my  love for quilting and my  artistic talents finish that piece for you! At Loopy D’s our  goal is to make you happy with the end results.”