Covid & Christmas

Chloe the studio dog would love to see you.

This year has been nuts to say the least. Covid where to begin. Well when the City shut down we installed a curbside drop box . Clients could call let us know they where dropping off and we would let them know when they could pick up their quilts. Loved how this worked for the studio. The box is still in use because not everyone is ready to come into the studio. But we are also open and follow all guidelines plus stay social distance when clients are in the studio . And yes we are open and running. We do ask that you knock , come on in and come on down rather than us answering the door. As a small business we are trying to do everything in our power to offer all our services safely.

Classes are still happening because they are one on one and we can stay six feet apart. Great time to learn how to quilt or Longarm. And with the holidays just around the corner we offer gift certificates for classes. Hint to your family a Class would be great $150 dollars for a beginner freemotion class $300 for a quilting class. All supplies are provided for all classes. You just book and show up.

Need backing yes we have expanded and now carry well over 100 widebacks. Looking for fireside well look no further colors galore are in stock at all times. And new backings are always arriving . And yes we also carry battings , 80/20 , 100 % cotton, wool, silk and bamboo. Makes it a one stop shop for our clients.

Newest service we now offer is a sewing machine drop off location. Sean from A Sewing Solution , specializing in all makes and models of sergers , sewing , embroidery & semi industrial machines. Give him a call at 1-403-466-9130 .

The holidays are just around the corner at the moment the queue has plenty of room but that could change at a drop of a hat. Book your spot. We promise to get your quilts done for Christmas if you get them to us before Dec 10th. That’s this years cut off date unless you want a simple edge to edge.

Looking forward to the holidays even if they might be social distanced. Glad we have such amazing clients and thankful you have all supported our small business. Can hardly wait to see what you all have made and looking forward to playing on your quilts. Hugs , Stay safe & Stop on by !

Crazy – Scary – Breath.

Lets look out for each other.

This week is nuts… what more can you say about where our world is at this moment.

As a small business this virus not only can harm ones health but ones livelihood. We at Loopy D’s are still operating during this difficult time. We are keeping social distancing, Cleaning take-in area after every visitor including wiping down all surfaces with disinfection wipes.

We have also provided a drop off & pick up box if you don’t want to come into the studio.

We can email you our take – in sheet which you can fill out and attach to your quilt or quilts. Those that have used us know we carry batting and backing so it’s a one stop shop.

For those using our service and supporting small business we are going to be offering a 20 % percent discount on all services during this time. Book  your quilt into the queue and you will receive this discount even if it’s months away. Purchase a gift certificate save 20 %

On a personal note this is scary , my household is totally self employed ! Right now the health experts are saying weeks my gut is saying this is going to be months. So I am praying we all look out for each other . Always looking for the positive. Evil giggle.

Working Studio

Another Holiday is just around the corner and the year is almost over. Reflecting back it’s been a great year some amazing quilts came into the studio . Met some wonderful people .

Our studio is a working studio  it’s not a hobby , it’s a passion.

The studio is always changing and evolving . This year we expanded our space . We now have the space and we  carry a huge inventory of wide backing 108″ fabrics. Which includes flannel and Fireside.  Inventory arrives weekly . And yes we carry batting. We finish quilts so yes this simplifies the process if we have what you need.

Other services we have added to the studio menu.

Open Studio Time –  $25 which is donated to a local charity

We now offer open studio time. Need a place to sew in ?  Your workstation consists of a cutting , ironing & sewing station all tools provided a project cart , coffee and snacks . Come for the day and sew. Just bring the project your working on. You can then leave your project in your cart for your next sewing day. No hauling machines around & your working on Bernian & Brother machines.

Quilting party        –   $40 per person

We  are offering a table runner party or confetti wall hanging party. Book a party all supplies , beverages & snacks are provided. Just show up and play in Deb’s stash. These parties are a blast and well it’s nice to do something together rather than buying stuff we might not need or want. Learn something new and have fun with your friends. These parties are geared around your needs.

What else has been going on … personally trying to deal with my own unfinished projects at last count I had 32 quilt tops of my own to quilt. Yes my dirty little secret I quilt other peoples quilts but no time to do my own. Started finishing a few quilt tops that where over ten years old. Bad Deb, but life… no judgement it is what it is. It’s been nice but honestly working on the older tops I have realized that my skills have come so far since I started. Shaking my head at the lack of ironing or what was I thinking adding a ten inch border. Quilting them up and donating them cause honestly what was I thinking. It’s been a life lesson . I did the best I could with the skills I had . Years later those skills have improved , no longer does one take shortcuts and yes my points are crisp. Skills take time to master . So remember your doing your best and that is all that matters.

Now guess one should finish on the computer and get back to work. The queue only has five quilts in at the moment but here’s hoping that changes in the next week or so . Book your spot into the queue so we have time to finish your project for Christmas. Lots of space at the moment but that could change in a moments notice.

Spring Reno’s … 2019

Well this week has been a busy week. Who am I kidding every week is busy !  Between finishing quilts have been doing a small Reno to the studio. We took over another room ! This new space is just for  wide backing fabric , fireside and batting.  Yes we do sell a few things that help you finish your quilts. Nice to have this additional space & wow it makes the studio feel bigger and brighter . Along with adding the new space we  also redid the washroom.  Getting these spaces was work but so well worth it.

Also realized that it’s been awhile since I dealt with my website. Had a call about Chloe’s Club house. Last years dates and info not good. Time to update the site. And let you in on our kid’s day camps. So Chloe’s club house is a week long camp which we offer twice during the summer. July 22 to July 26th 2019 and August 12 to Aug 16,2019 . Can change these dates if you have 4-5 kids that want to attend together. The day  campers make a pillow case, a bag, learn to embroidery , build a quilt from start to finish. They also learn to bake breads, cakes, cookies & pies. And the cooking life skill they learn to plan meals, plan a party, cook said meals. This week is all about building life skills. We build it around what the campers would like to learn. Options are given. Cost is $500 dollars for the week but that includes all supplies ! Last year it was a lower price but when looking at the books just the supplies alone where over  $250 dollars a child. Fabric costs, food cost that’s just the facts. So if you have someone that might be interested give us a call.

What else has been going on well ton’s guess that’s why I have not been dealing with the website … evil giggle . A working studio just saying some things just fall between the cracks. We all can’t be good at everything. And honestly I wear a ton of hats just to get through the day. For example today doing towels on the embroidery machine, finished a Halloween quilt, took in two quilts , pick up happening anytime now and another quilt has to be loaded. And I’m trying to update this. Joy oh joy .

What else happening…. Trying to post everyday on instagram & facebook . Seven clients had their quilts at the Red Deer Quilt show. Had to laugh at how my name was spelt , each one was different. Thinking will have to say to my clients just say Deb at Loopy D’s much simpler. Getting ready for Heritage Park at the end of the month May 25 & 26. Getting my samples ready for upcoming classes. Doing up signage and flyers will also have to redesign my business cards.

In a nut shell life is busy but that’s what makes life interesting. Studio is open this Sunday and most Sundays for an open sew day if you need help or just want to come and sew please do. Now to go switch out the towels only six more to go.


Come join us and learn lifeskills !

Check us out on Facebook for upcoming classes , free classes and so much more.

What’s been happening here in the studio.

Wow is all I can say ! Usually during the summer the studio is slower where personally I get a chance to do a couple of things. This year not so much which is wonderful , means we are doing something right. Saying that I took a week off and went to Yellowstone National Park. This has been on my bucket list for 25 plus years ! Once back hit the studio running. Chloe’s Club house filled up fast in July . We had six wonderful young ladies join us. They each made a pillow case, bag & a lap size quilt. They also learned to bake bread, cakes, cookies & handmade chocolate treats . They learned how to plan for a party , shop for it and prepare for it. Each day they made their meals and by the end of the week we wrapped it up by throwing a BBQ for their families. They had a Blast.  The Next Club house event is Aug 20th – 24th. Runs all week, everything is provided. Only taking 4 this time round so book it now ! Great life skills camp just saying .

The following week the studio was a buzz with a group of ladies taking the Elephant Abstraction workshop. Let me tell you these ladies made me laugh so hard tears where running down my legs.! The ladies did an amazing job and you can check out the video on our facebook page to see the amazing herd that left here.

And the studio has been open most Sundays for an open sew day. These days I love because usually someone comes to work on something and we get to visit  & sew.

Now this week just trying to regroup , clean and organize . Getting teaching schedules organized and going to be travelling down south and doing some pop up free-motion classes. Kind of excited about that adventure should be interesting .  If you want a pop up class let us know and can add it to our travels.

So yes this summer we have been a little busy .  Busy is a wonderful thing.



Loopy D’s 2018 Price List.

Loopy D’s Price List & Services for 2018

               Size                      Edge to Edge     Light Custom      Ruler/Full Custom

Baby quilts                                      $50.00                   $ 70.00                      $100.00

Twin                     93 x 72                 $170.00               $200.00                    $270.00

Double                 96 x 93                $225.00               $275.00                     $360.00

Queen                  93 x 108               $250.00               $300.00                    $400.00

King                       122 x 122            $375.00               $450.00                    $600.00

On a budget ?  We do an all over that’s nice, does the job and we charge an hourly rate for this service.


Longarm Classes     Classes are one on one – once completed one you can rent our machines

Free Motion                4 hrs.                                                      $150.00

Fab Feathers               4hrs.                                                       $150.00

Fillers & Sashings       8 hrs.                                                      $200.00

All Supplies are included in this cost.


Workshops –  Two days   –   Class size      3-4 people    –   Patterns and Meals included.

Elephant Abstraction                                                                                $150.00

The Cow Abstraction                        New    Violet Craft Pattern         $150.00

Teeny-Tiny Quilts                             New                                                 $150.00


Machine Rentals                    $25 per hour             $150 full day

We also carry a huge selection of wide backs & Batting.

We work around your life style which means we schedule our classes around your schedule.




Working Studio

So in the City of Calgary retail space is crazy expensive. So our little studio is run out of our home. The studio has it’s own walkway and side entrance. Which means clients are not disturbing the house and all it’s members. Now saying this our little French bull dogs will come and greet you and maybe bring you a gift. If I am home then chances are I am in the studio working. My hours are nuts because well sometimes working into the wee hours works for me. You never know how the work day is going to unfold. Some days the phone is ringing off the hook. Other days not a thing. This week for example Monday was dead. Got a lot done. Today was nuts… to the point of nothing is getting done. That’s okay just means I maybe working until midnight to complete what needs to be done. Wednesday Teaching a one on one class. Thursday a renter is in , so that means I am piecing with a friend so I can finish a class sample which needs to be done for Saturday.  Friday have no idea what’s happening but can guess I will be burning the midnight oil to complete something. Saturday teaching the Elephant abstraction workshop at  a local guild. Sunday is open sew day at the studio. So far only one person has taken advantage of this .

It’s a working studio , it has a fun energy

Restoration of those vintage blocks.

A wonderful quilt came into the studio two weeks ago. The client whom I have known  for many years, was dropping of this wonderful vintage quilt. She  completed it for her soon to be 89 year old grandmother. The blocks where made for said grandmother 55 years ago by a friend !!!  From the age of the fabric & style guessing  it was made from late 40’s early 50’s clothing. The blocks where hand stitched with small fine stitches. The workmanship of said blocks is wonderful ! Now jumping ahead… Those wonderful blocks where never put into a quilt. Lori (the granddaughter) was asked if she would finish the quilt . The family plans to give it to her on her 86th birthday.

Into my hands it lands. First things first, the fabric is aged it needs some stability. One of my favorite products is Shape-flex by Pellon it is a cotton woven fusible . Yes this is adding to the expense of the quilt. These blocks you could almost see threw by adding said product now these blocks have added life. Did this to all the blocks.

Once this was done the quilting process could start. Ditched all the applique and blocks. Added a pretty corner flower to echo the flowers in the fabrics. Feathers in the border fabric as the borders where a whooping 10 inches. Did clouds in the background and bricks . The sashing did swirls and mirror imaged them. There are no computers it’s just me moving the machine. The needle is my pen. Once the quilt was finished them took it off the machine and now dealing with stains. Their are not many stains but over time those blocks did get handled and well not sure what each stain is . So out comes  my favorite spot remover, I will also make my special restoration spray and we will handle each stain until they are gone. Funny how skills from ones past come in handy. Spent a couple of years restoring train cars for the Cranbrook Railway museum & went to school to learn Restoration. Also worked for a dry cleaner and dealing with stains is coming in handy.  If they don’t come out then will blend fabric paints to cover them up. We will bring it back to it’s full glory.  So at the end of the day I hope I have done these women proud and they love the quilt as much as I have working on it. Restoring such a gem is a honor. I know it’s just a quilt but it has a story , it starts with the first woman that did the blocks, the next who kept them safe, the daughter that gave them to her daughter to give to the grandmother. This in my eyes is the true treasure , it’s love expressed with fabric. It’s a family heirloom or here’s hoping it becomes their Heirloom.  Check out our facebook page for the finished quilt pictures. Client loved the quilting and they still have 8 blocks to make a lap size one.




Christmas is Coming

1st Christmas quilt of the year finished.

1st Christmas quilt of the year finished.

Summer has ended , fall is here and Christmas is just around the corner. In the studio this summer we hosted a kids club. Once a week a couple of little girls came and made a small project which they then took home. Next summer we will be offering this program again because honestly it was so much fun and I think the girls enjoyed it.

The Kids club taught me that there is still a need out there for basic sewing . If you have an understanding of the basics you can create wonderful. Our school system does still offer sewing in the life skills class. But if your like me that was along time ago. So I was thinking…. would anyone be interested in a drop in class every Monday 10-1 & or 6-9 to make something for Christmas? Each week I would post the upcoming project on our facebook page . The Cost would be $40 dollars but that would include supplies and everything. Thinking Homespun Stitching .

Get a start on your Christmas gifts. I know a lot of people go to the local craft sales and shop but honestly there is nothing more rewarding than making something yourself and giving it.

So book your space, let us know what small project you might be interested in. The more input the better. Thinking the first Monday of November is when we will start. And the project will be a wall hanging. I have started designing it and will make it up next week. Each week will be a different project which will be kitted up so yes you will have to let us know if you shall be attending. If you can’t attend but love the kit one can purchase them for $25 dollars.

So consider taking a small class .

And if you have quilts that need to be finished for Christmas  now is the time to get them into the queue. Avoid the Christmas rush.

Also if you need a gift idea for that quilter in your life we are offering  $150 dollar gift certificates for $100 . A savings of $50 dollars. These gift certificates can be used for classes or longarm services only. This sale will be on until Christmas .

This week in the studio this gem was picked up by it’s owner. A Simple wool wall hanging but it turned into something I truly wanted to keep. Hence why I am designing my own wall hanging for our first Homespun Stitching class.

Chloe’s Club House

IMG_9976 IMG_9977 IMG_9979 IMG_9981

Last year in the studio we did a test class for kids … The girls loved coming into the studio and learning a new life skill.

This year we thought we would pick two different weeks , small class size 3-4 children , where in the morning we would sew, create & play . In the afternoon learn how to bake & cook a meal . At the end of each day wonderful items will come home with your child. At the end of the week they will put on a BBQ for all the parents and family members.

Chloe’s Club House

Come and spend a week at Loopy D’s where your child will learn how to hand sew, machine sew , Bake & Cook.

Each day we will work on a creative project , cook something in the kitchen and basically learn skills that will take them through life.

Dates                             July 16th to July 20th

Aug 20th to Aug 24

Time                               9:00 am till 5:00 pm this is flexible.

Cost                                $300.00 per week

Everything is supplied including meals.

Friday evening the class will wind down with a BBQ that they totally do. All family members are invited.