Covid & Christmas

Chloe the studio dog would love to see you.

This year has been nuts to say the least. Covid where to begin. Well when the City shut down we installed a curbside drop box . Clients could call let us know they where dropping off and we would let them know when they could pick up their quilts. Loved how this worked for the studio. The box is still in use because not everyone is ready to come into the studio. But we are also open and follow all guidelines plus stay social distance when clients are in the studio . And yes we are open and running. We do ask that you knock , come on in and come on down rather than us answering the door. As a small business we are trying to do everything in our power to offer all our services safely.

Classes are still happening because they are one on one and we can stay six feet apart. Great time to learn how to quilt or Longarm. And with the holidays just around the corner we offer gift certificates for classes. Hint to your family a Class would be great $150 dollars for a beginner freemotion class $300 for a quilting class. All supplies are provided for all classes. You just book and show up.

Need backing yes we have expanded and now carry well over 100 widebacks. Looking for fireside well look no further colors galore are in stock at all times. And new backings are always arriving . And yes we also carry battings , 80/20 , 100 % cotton, wool, silk and bamboo. Makes it a one stop shop for our clients.

Newest service we now offer is a sewing machine drop off location. Sean from A Sewing Solution , specializing in all makes and models of sergers , sewing , embroidery & semi industrial machines. Give him a call at 1-403-466-9130 .

The holidays are just around the corner at the moment the queue has plenty of room but that could change at a drop of a hat. Book your spot. We promise to get your quilts done for Christmas if you get them to us before Dec 10th. That’s this years cut off date unless you want a simple edge to edge.

Looking forward to the holidays even if they might be social distanced. Glad we have such amazing clients and thankful you have all supported our small business. Can hardly wait to see what you all have made and looking forward to playing on your quilts. Hugs , Stay safe & Stop on by !

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