Spring Reno’s … 2019

Well this week has been a busy week. Who am I kidding every week is busy !  Between finishing quilts have been doing a small Reno to the studio. We took over another room ! This new space is just for  wide backing fabric , fireside and batting.  Yes we do sell a few things that help you finish your quilts. Nice to have this additional space & wow it makes the studio feel bigger and brighter . Along with adding the new space we  also redid the washroom.  Getting these spaces was work but so well worth it.

Also realized that it’s been awhile since I dealt with my website. Had a call about Chloe’s Club house. Last years dates and info not good. Time to update the site. And let you in on our kid’s day camps. So Chloe’s club house is a week long camp which we offer twice during the summer. July 22 to July 26th 2019 and August 12 to Aug 16,2019 . Can change these dates if you have 4-5 kids that want to attend together. The day  campers make a pillow case, a bag, learn to embroidery , build a quilt from start to finish. They also learn to bake breads, cakes, cookies & pies. And the cooking life skill they learn to plan meals, plan a party, cook said meals. This week is all about building life skills. We build it around what the campers would like to learn. Options are given. Cost is $500 dollars for the week but that includes all supplies ! Last year it was a lower price but when looking at the books just the supplies alone where over  $250 dollars a child. Fabric costs, food cost that’s just the facts. So if you have someone that might be interested give us a call.

What else has been going on well ton’s guess that’s why I have not been dealing with the website … evil giggle . A working studio just saying some things just fall between the cracks. We all can’t be good at everything. And honestly I wear a ton of hats just to get through the day. For example today doing towels on the embroidery machine, finished a Halloween quilt, took in two quilts , pick up happening anytime now and another quilt has to be loaded. And I’m trying to update this. Joy oh joy .

What else happening…. Trying to post everyday on instagram & facebook . Seven clients had their quilts at the Red Deer Quilt show. Had to laugh at how my name was spelt , each one was different. Thinking will have to say to my clients just say Deb at Loopy D’s much simpler. Getting ready for Heritage Park at the end of the month May 25 & 26. Getting my samples ready for upcoming classes. Doing up signage and flyers will also have to redesign my business cards.

In a nut shell life is busy but that’s what makes life interesting. Studio is open this Sunday and most Sundays for an open sew day if you need help or just want to come and sew please do. Now to go switch out the towels only six more to go.


Come join us and learn lifeskills !

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