Chloe’s Club House

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Last year in the studio we did a test class for kids … The girls loved coming into the studio and learning a new life skill.

This year we thought we would pick two different weeks , small class size 3-4 children , where in the morning we would sew, create & play . In the afternoon learn how to bake & cook a meal . At the end of each day wonderful items will come home with your child. At the end of the week they will put on a BBQ for all the parents and family members.

Chloe’s Club House

Come and spend a week at Loopy D’s where your child will learn how to hand sew, machine sew , Bake & Cook.

Each day we will work on a creative project , cook something in the kitchen and basically learn skills that will take them through life.

Dates                             July 16th to July 20th

Aug 20th to Aug 24

Time                               9:00 am till 5:00 pm this is flexible.

Cost                                $300.00 per week

Everything is supplied including meals.

Friday evening the class will wind down with a BBQ that they totally do. All family members are invited.