Crazy – Scary – Breath.

Lets look out for each other.

This week is nuts… what more can you say about where our world is at this moment.

As a small business this virus not only can harm ones health but ones livelihood. We at Loopy D’s are still operating during this difficult time. We are keeping social distancing, Cleaning take-in area after every visitor including wiping down all surfaces with disinfection wipes.

We have also provided a drop off & pick up box if you don’t want to come into the studio.

We can email you our take – in sheet which you can fill out and attach to your quilt or quilts. Those that have used us know we carry batting and backing so it’s a one stop shop.

For those using our service and supporting small business we are going to be offering a 20 % percent discount on all services during this time. Book  your quilt into the queue and you will receive this discount even if it’s months away. Purchase a gift certificate save 20 %

On a personal note this is scary , my household is totally self employed ! Right now the health experts are saying weeks my gut is saying this is going to be months. So I am praying we all look out for each other . Always looking for the positive. Evil giggle.