“The first time I met Deb I thought to myself….Wow this lady needs to lay off the caffeine…or happy drugs!! LOL Little did I realize that this lady not only is one of the happiest people I know but she is also extremely talented!! I am a fairly new quilter therefore most times I don’t know what the heck I am doing. Deb has patiently walked thru many of my quilts and lovingly quilted them for me. I will only take my beloved quilts to her. Thanks Deb….”

“I would not think of taking my quilt tops to anyone other than Deb. She has the imagination and skill to transform whatever I give her from a ‘quilt top” into a work of art! Thank you, Deb, for all your effort and skill!”
A Very Happy Client

“I had Deb quilt a kaleidoscope quilt for me. I had no idea what to do with the unique blocks. I didn’t want all over quilting. WOW! Deb did the most amazing job. Every block was unique and stunning. I was completely thrilled with the custom quilting and would highly recommend Deb if you are looking for something stunning and one of a kind!”
C. Wang

“I want to thank Deb for the longarm quilting lesson and session I enjoyed yesterday April 24, 2012. I own a longarm machine and have been doing pantograph quilting. With Deb?s guidance, I am branching out into free motion quilting. I am in awe of her ability to use both hands to draw and her creative sense to view a quilt top and plan quilting designs to suit each block. I was able to see the Centennial Stampede Quilt and see the variety of quilting stitches. The quilt is amazing and truly enhanced by her free motion skills. However her most impressive attribute is her willingness to share her time and talents with us. I am inspired to try new techniques and practice, practice, practice!!!!”
Awed Quilter

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