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Another Holiday is just around the corner and the year is almost over. Reflecting back it’s been a great year some amazing quilts came into the studio . Met some wonderful people .

Our studio is a working studio  it’s not a hobby , it’s a passion.

The studio is always changing and evolving . This year we expanded our space . We now have the space and we  carry a huge inventory of wide backing 108″ fabrics. Which includes flannel and Fireside.  Inventory arrives weekly . And yes we carry batting. We finish quilts so yes this simplifies the process if we have what you need.

Other services we have added to the studio menu.

Open Studio Time –  $25 which is donated to a local charity

We now offer open studio time. Need a place to sew in ?  Your workstation consists of a cutting , ironing & sewing station all tools provided a project cart , coffee and snacks . Come for the day and sew. Just bring the project your working on. You can then leave your project in your cart for your next sewing day. No hauling machines around & your working on Bernian & Brother machines.

Quilting party        –   $40 per person

We  are offering a table runner party or confetti wall hanging party. Book a party all supplies , beverages & snacks are provided. Just show up and play in Deb’s stash. These parties are a blast and well it’s nice to do something together rather than buying stuff we might not need or want. Learn something new and have fun with your friends. These parties are geared around your needs.

What else has been going on … personally trying to deal with my own unfinished projects at last count I had 32 quilt tops of my own to quilt. Yes my dirty little secret I quilt other peoples quilts but no time to do my own. Started finishing a few quilt tops that where over ten years old. Bad Deb, but life… no judgement it is what it is. It’s been nice but honestly working on the older tops I have realized that my skills have come so far since I started. Shaking my head at the lack of ironing or what was I thinking adding a ten inch border. Quilting them up and donating them cause honestly what was I thinking. It’s been a life lesson . I did the best I could with the skills I had . Years later those skills have improved , no longer does one take shortcuts and yes my points are crisp. Skills take time to master . So remember your doing your best and that is all that matters.

Now guess one should finish on the computer and get back to work. The queue only has five quilts in at the moment but here’s hoping that changes in the next week or so . Book your spot into the queue so we have time to finish your project for Christmas. Lots of space at the moment but that could change in a moments notice.

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